Taste of Yunnan

In the beating heart of Yunnan, southwest China, stands a 3,600-year-old tea tree, the oldest in the world. It seems immortal.
The powdery valleys culminating at 2000 meters are home to this exceptional heritage of millenary tea trees, cradle of chinese culture. Each dynasties that followed one another actively participated in shaping the history of these teas, back then only reserved for the imperial court.

Anya selects the finest terroirs for her precious micro-cuvées's production: forests of thousand-year-old wild tea trees and undulating terraced gardens. With perfectly pure air, the leaves, spared from any pollution and chemical inputs, are picked manually only guided by human’s hand with traditional tools during the entire production process. They will be raked, heated in a wok to slow down their oxidation and concentrate their essential oils, sorted several times, then slowly sun dried.
The teas retain their Cha Qi, or their “tea energy”, as well as their anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties recognized by traditional Chinese medicine for 5,000 years.

Guardians of millenium tradition

Only the Han, Dai, Bulang, Lahu and Wa clans are allowed to meticulously cultivate Yunnan teas. They dedicate their lives, sometimes since 20 generations. Sole custodians of craftsmanship classified as Intangible Heritage of China, they rigorously select the purest and softest leaves according to a patient ritual.

During the accomplishment of their task, time is suspended to surrender to the senses. They observe the colors, smell the fragrances, caress and crumple the delicate leaves between their fingers and, thanks to their long experience, project onto them the future taste of the finest teas in the world.


We cultivate an intimate proximity with our partners and farmers, which leads us to structure our commitment to our ecosystem around four fundamental pillars in order to defend its ethical, sustainable and environmental dimensions.

We train
“In order to nurture the skills of our producers, we set up internal mentoring programs to teach them how to better manage their farms. »

We care
“Through the “Pale Blue Dot” project, we donate 1% of our turnover to local producers. »

We love our planet
“To promote environmental biodiversity, we are committed to replanting tea tree forests in their original ecosystem in Yunnan. »

We help
“We train, recruit and pass on our passion for tea to young people in difficulty with the aim of creating new vocations. »


Julie is the founder of Maison Anya. Her family is from Yunnan. During her childhood, she spent all her summers there, with her grandparents, strolling through tea gardens to meet their producers. Her uncle is a major tea collector in the region.

Today, after her entrepreneurial experience in tourism in China, ranking her among the 30 young entrepreneurs under 30 by Forbes magazine in 2019, it is with her aunt Yang Yan that she pays tribute to her origins by investing virtuously in the most remarkable rare tea plantations in Yunnan and weaves lasting partnerships with the families of farmers in Fujian.

Among the Yan, tea remains a family affair.