Pale Blue Dot


We cultivate an intimate proximity with our partners and farmers, which leads us to structure our commitment to our ecosystem around three fundamental pillars in order to defend its ethical, sustainable and environmental dimensions. Part of our profit goes directly to Anya fund to support them.

In order to nurture and deepen our relationship with our producers, we set up internal mentoring programs on management and economic development themes. Each year, all of our employees spend a week volunteering with our partners in the form of skills sponsorship.

We are also very involved in the action of NGOs promoting fair trade, the preservation of biodiversity and the living conditions of producers as an active member of the Ethical Tea Partnership. We thus participate in lobbying actions and in support of political and institutional players in the tea industry to actively fight against operations that do not respect the rigorous sustainability criteria established by the organization

Anya is partner of the Second Chance School and trains and recruits marginalized young people aged 16 to 25, with the aim of remobilizing them towards employment. We appeal to the transmission of our passion for the art of tea to create new vocations and help our youth in difficulty.