For millennia, Yunnan Tea has been consumed by locals and is the oldest tea in the world. It is grown in the humid and hot region of Yunnan, at 6,000 feet (2,000 meters) above the sea. Its taste and health benefits are influenced by these exceptional geographical conditions.
This tea is harvested in the Dong tea farm, in Wuliang mountains with a pure and pollution free environment particularly suited for the production of quality vintages.
This Tea is composed exclusively of its first leaves and buds.
The farm is owned by the Dong Family, that has been operating it for 30 years and helps 50 families to make a living.

Carefully picked in the spring, only the two youngest tea leaves are harvested.
The leaves are then carefully rolled by hand into the typical pointed shape, then dried and sorted. Grade 1 tea, which requires a spring harvest and the selection of the youngest leaves, offers the rarest and most tasteful tea that is highly appreciated and regarded in Asia.